Friday, 7 March 2014

Intelligent Pedestrian Crossing: A World First For London

Thanks to everyone who read our blog and joined us on a London Walk today.

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Just before we swap our walking boots for our slippers, here’s one final thought…

Now here’s a REALLY rare story: a new traffic innovation that favours… PEDESTRIANS!

I write this as a London Walks guide who gets approximately five seconds of green man time to cross at the Holborn Viaduct/Newgate Street on the Ghosts of the Old City walk.

And most of that five seconds is stolen by cab drivers and cyclists jumping the red light in what seems like a deliberate attempt to ADD to the number of ghosts in the old City…

“Intelligent” pedestrian crossings are to be introduced on London’s streets within months in the first scheme of its kind in the world.

Traffic lights will be re-phased to give priority to pedestrians at busy junctions and enable crowds to clear to avoid people spilling onto the street.

Video cameras attached to the lights will detect the build-up of people in a virtual “box” and automatically extend the green phase when it fills up, keeping road users waiting on red.

Read the full story in The Evening Standard

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