Friday, 28 March 2014

Last Words on Political Statues

Order! Order!

Our great political statues debate has drawn to a close and thanks to everyone who joined in.

Well, thanks to NEARLY everyone. We exclude LW's great guide Simon from the backslapping as his nominations included a politician once embroiled in an attempted murder case along with a political figure so vilified that the mere writing of his name would bring down the fall of this blog, if not the government itself.

We give old Simon the benefit of the doubt. He was, we're sure, exercising his democratic right to make satirical remarks about our elected representatives and their fitness for positions of power. 

Oh God, we HOPE that's what he was doing…


LW's David has a better idea:

"I nominate my father-in-law."

And here's an earlier post about David's father-in-law, Charles Chilton.

Last two words go to Vanitha Muthukumar (via Twitter) and Wandsworth Chamber (via Facebook)…

Quite so. And finally…

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