Thursday, 27 March 2014

Parliament Square Statues – More of Your Nominations

Today we turn the spotlight on a similar absence, reflecting perhaps the long-standing “boys’ club” nature of politics in Britain. Where are all the women?

Mary Walsh wrote in to say:

“Should be Emmeline Pankhurst. To remind the young women of today that voting was won for them not given easily.”

Thanks Mary.

Here’s Mrs Pankhurst NEAR Parliament Square. Could we move her to centre stage, out in Parliament Square?

London Walks guide Isobel adds:

“Mary Wollstonecraft, mother of feminism. She couldn't be an MP because women didn't have the vote, but she talked the talk and walked the walk. Emily Davison would be another, much maligned and misrepresented. I should also like to see Barbara Castle there and Shirley Williams.

It should be a woman, and someone other than Thatcher to remind us she is not the only female politician of note.”

Isobel leads her Kennington Walk this Saturday

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