Tuesday, 27 May 2014

South London's Finest

Last November, to celebrate the 5th Birthday of The Daily Constitutional, our editor began a list of 101 things to love about London. This month we're adding the next 21…

39. The Horniman Museum

The Horniman Museum constantly tops those "best hidden museums" lists. And rightly so, although there's little that is hidden these days about this garlanded and family-friendly establishment in Forest Hill. Musical instruments, coffins and a collection of deliciously alarming-looking old school stuffed animals, the Horniman is the perfect blend of traditional and modern museum curation. Great totem pole (pictured), too.

A London Walk costs £9 – £7 concession. To join a London Walk, simply meet your guide at the designated tube station at the appointed time. Details of all London Walks can be found at www.walks.com.

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