Friday, 13 June 2014

Let's All Go Down The Strand No.13

Stalking The Strand with camera and pen, David Tucker presents a few new angles on one of London's most famous thoroughfares…

Where the Wild Things Are

Maybe make this a twofer.

Or even a threefer.

The street signs here are joie de vivre jobs. Theatre masks and that jolly London red – think pillar boxes and double decker buses and fire engines and phone boxes.  They’re Tudor rose street signs. All very much in extravagant contrast to their staid, restrained, work-a-day counterparts elsewhere in London. What’s not to like.

And these you will have seen. So no wow, never saw that before salmon leaps of excitement.

But wait a minute. What about this?

And this?

The three of them – well, they’re a fit, aren’t they. The Strand Trio, the Strand three-hander.

You seen ‘em? Know where they are? My guess is most of you haven’t.

And our “wild things” theme? Well, the theatrical goings-on down here – the showbiz buzz – can be delightfully wild.

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