Sunday, 22 June 2014

Let's All Go Down The Strand No.22

Stalking The Strand with camera and pen, David Tucker presents a few new angles on one of London's most famous thoroughfares…

Where the Wild Things Are

And then we come to this pair. Bald eagles? God knows.

The fascinating thing is – look closely at them – they’re not one and the same bird. Or two halves of the same bird. Not alter eagles, let alone altar eagles.

They’re individuals. Ugly mothers. They look like they’re going to have at one another any second now. My money’s on the one on the right. Looks fiercer. Be that as it may I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be the owner of the proboscis in the middle.

And as for when it’s all over – well, a little bird’s telling me I can forget about chicken salad cuz you can’t make it from chicken feathers.

The Strand. Why believe in better – pace Rupert – when you can believe in the wild things.

Okay, one more still life – that’s for tomorrow, June 23 – and then we get to The Wild Bunch, the two legged creatures where the wild things are.

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