Sunday, 8 June 2014

Let’s All Go Down the Strand No.8

Stalking The Strand with camera and pen, David Tucker presents a few new angles on one of London's most famous thoroughfares…

Where the Wild Things Are

It’s the most terrifying sideways glance in London.

You want a frown, you want a wrinkled lip, you want a sneer of cold command – here you go.

Where you going? So fast. Trying not to catch someone’s eye? Too late. Here’s looking at you. She’s taking stock, seeing what’s for dinner.

One pounce, one bound and you’re toast.

Red of eye. The nastiest tongue in London. Maybe she’s not hungry. Maybe that tongue is blood-soaked.

Now that’s assuming it’s a lioness.  Maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’s something scaly. Something even nastier.

But let’s “hope” it’s a lioness. The Strand is, after all, Lion Country. Big time.

Stay tuned. Keep calm (if you can) and keep cocked.

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